Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dick Tasty Chapter 2: All that jizz

From the director of Dick Tasty chapter 1, comes more action, more excitement, more sexy people, more good music and more sex:

Dick Tasty chapter 2
All that jizz


It took some time, and I know some people already started to wonder if there ever would be a part 2 to this great trilogy. But some things are just worth waiting for for... and while you're waiting for some of those you can waste time by watching this movie ;-) Many thanks go out to all the people involved, their patience, the sim owners who allowed me to film and some very creative people who helped making animation, props and scenery. Enough already, I need to get on writing my Oscar speech, filming a second portfolio shoot and preparing for Dick Tasty chapter 3. Yes, yes... one day there will be a chapter 3...