Saturday, June 30, 2012

New movie coming... eventually...

Ok... I guess it's time for an update... (I really don't know why I even started to blog) - first of all, just ignore the previous blog; I was excited about it - it's not gonna happen... not now anyways. But if anybody else wants to join Virtual Immaturity Entertainment - just let me know (just remember I'm an asshole ;)

On to more important things - my next machinima project is coming along nicely. I'm a bit in doubt tho... as I work on this (schedule stuff, create sets, shoot footage, work with some awesome people creating custom props and animations for me) it just seems to get bigger and different every time I think about it. It's not a bad thing... but at some point it needs to stop and stuff needs to be done :) I realise I probably don't make much sense but I was so glad to find out that I'm not the only one who experiences this... it's a proces and appearantly real artists and creative people also "suffer" from this - to see what I mean, go on and read this blog on the .Cheesecake website. (I really simply can't wait for anything new coming from .Cheesecak btw.)

Exciting as it all is I feel I need to watch out for 3 things while working on my current project...
  1. Don't let it become to huge and just go on and on without ever finishing (after all, I do need to make the final Dick Tasty episode at some time ..)
  2. Often I look at the things I'm making and I simply thinks it's not good enough... just the same this... just the same that... why can't I do... how the f*ck did they do that? (damn you Nik ;).. Let me give you an example.. I probably spent around 45 minutes trying to find just the right panties for a shoot... poor girl must have thought I'm a pervert.. (which ofcourse was right but that's not the point right now) and to make clear how sick this is - it'll probably only be visible in the end-result for like 30 seconds :) I need to make, accept and go on... maybe it wont all be perfect and as good as some other work I see out there.. but it will be mine and hopefully each piece will just get better and better...
  3. Learn to trust... I'm pathetic with trusting people when it comes to my work... if and before I'll tp you in to my set I will tell you 20 times not to talk to anybody on what you see.. feel free to take pics but nobody can see them before it's published... and I will ask another 10 times making sure you're not gonna tell anybody about it... if you work with me.. I'm sorry :)
That last point is what's making this blog so difficult for me.. the picture below is a picture from my next movie... I want to start and create some buzz and rumours maybe - but I don't want to much to leak before publishing and I'm yet a freaking long way from finishing...

To all who worked with me so far on this.. THANK YOU! (and I'm sorry I'm telling you so little, and even more sorry it's taking so long...) and to all who work with me on this in the weeks to come.. THANK YOU! (and please understand...)

Monday, June 18, 2012

So cool...

Can't say to much about it yet... but what I never thought would happen is actually gonna happen... *grins* somebody else is gonna be publishing SL porn pictures as part of the Virtual Immaturity Entertainment group. So cool... just stay tuned!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Life is weird... Second Life is even weirder. The same day I completed filming my first scenes for this new movie a movie called "The Painter" was published by AleXo. A very well done movie - which had a painter and his model experiencing some hot times together. The main idea of my movie was nothing like this one... still it features a painter and his model having some hot times together so I was a just a little bummed.

Yesterday, a day before I publish this movie, a movie called "Bus Stop" was released... yet another one of the props I used in my movie was featuring in a great movie... life is weird... luckily in my movie the bus stop is only used as a funny little extra in the background, the bench is somewhat similar and when I started to film I did consider shooting part of the naughty stuff in and around the Bus Stop itself. The forces of porn work in mysterious ways...

Anyways... there's always room for more naughtiness, even when scenery, props or settings arent as original as once thought, intended or hoped - so without further ado I give you "Teken Me" a short movie I did with the sexy Aurelia Lionheart inspired by Nikki's amazing machinima called "Sketched" and the videoclip for Aha's hitsingle "Take on me" (I know... just don't ask!)

Teken Me

Me in a movie not having sex?!

That title is misleading right? That can't be true? *grins* Well... I'm afraid I have to admit it is true and (which is probably even stranger) I am so glad I was asked to be a part of this one... Now don't worry - there is sex in this one but at the end of the movie that will not be what you remember about this latest movie from the very talented Wifey Korobase... the soundtrack is amazing, I love the slow build-up in this movie and the scenery, graphics and attention to detail in this production is just outstanding... I love it - and not just because I'm part of it... (though ofcourse we all agree it's the hero that makes this movie *cough* *cough*)

click here to go see the movie

Anways... me in a fantasy movie - thank you so much Wifey and Quinn for asking me for this one! I love being in other director's movies.. especially when they create such amazing stuff as this one! (ok.. now back to finding some sex in SL... geez...)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NEW MOVIE: Your addiction...

Well at least we can safely say that I am not addicted to blogging *grins* I made and published a new movie with no less then Quinn Ying appearing in it and I didnt even blog about it... shame on me! Guess I was to busy perving Q's curves over and over again *blush*

Well let's change that

Your world... and it will be your addiction... anything is possible, gorgeous willing women everywhere, no restrictions, no tabboos, no limits - just timezones, jealous psychos and shortage of prims - you can't help it, it's not your fault - this is sl, welcome to your addiction... 

Your World. Your addiction.

And just to let you all know... currently working on two projects - one already shot and coming soon - the other I plan on simply being amazing but will take some more time... be patient please - check back often :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Future of SL now a blur?

Some say this will (again) be the end of Second Life, others welcome the new policy change from Linden Lab. CEO Rod Humble seems to be very excited about and his reaction/announcement on Twitter makes one wonder if the typo was freudian or intentional funny:

"@RODVIK: new "sex blur" policy is a big step forward - mainstream here we cum!"

My first reaction when reading the announcement on the official SL website was (ofcourse) shocked. How was this gonna effect my machinima, photographs... would they enforce this on the viewers and/or on the designers?

Ever since it was announced this morning no much info has been released but some Linden employee did leak some info while visiting the very popular Escort Oasis sim last nite. It seems they are gonna implement this server-side and client-side. Since they can't enforce what the viewer is showing every texture send from the server to the client is gonna be scanned and blurred if needed. Some internet search engines have already been very succesful using this approach to blur adult content, it seems Linden Lab bought this technology for Second Life as well. Apart from that they are also gonna introduce a TPV policy change which requires to put at least an option in their viewers for the user to blur explicit content.

We will have to see ofcourse how all this will affect adult content in SL. I have been told by Jennna (from the very popular SL porn blog) that the owner of slporntube already has contacted Linden Lab to discuss the consequences of this policy on the advertising income of the popular adult machinima website.

On the bright side - a change like this will force people to put more thought into their emoting, so something good may come out of this in the end.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feeling very very humble...

Ok.. I'm not gonna say a lot about this - but just now I watched a machinima called "Metasex" on Emmanuelle's blog. Now this is truly amazing work - I am very impressed... so impressed actually that I'm reluctant to make another SL movie because everything is gonna look silly compared to this.. anyways, enjoy - make to sure to at least watch is 3 or 4 times - trust me on this one...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

NEW MOVIE: Make it work!

Here we go... you know how this office days can get a little boring and always seem way to long? Well at the Virtual Immaturity Entertainment office we found a way to make these office days way more enjoyable - being tempted by the ladies on twitter who threaten to go all naughty on my desk I came up with this one:

Make it work!

starring Cheri Collazo & Thorgal McGillivary

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yeah I know...

It has been to long.. but somehow I feel I'll be blogging here again very soon. Not that there's is anything exciting going on - but it just feel likt it. Quick rundown of past few weeks? Ahh.. ok: took part in a great little xmas video with Lil and Em, I was nominated for and won a Sexiest Award, Eva won a Sexiest Award for her part in houserules, much to my surprise I am nominated for a golden cock, I'm currently working on an exciting machinima with a very lovely lady, I'm actually getting propes and scenes together for Dick Tasty 3 and I've got some other movie plans with some cute ladies of SL probably to be filmed before work on DT3 will ever start... Yeah, that's me.. lot of promises - nothing to show for :) Anyways - this no-good scrap of text is a start, I'll try to keep you all a little more in the loop...