Thursday, December 2, 2010

Portfolioshoot 1 - Aurelia Lionheart

What started as just a quick shoot to try some new settings, the Kirsten viewer, new furniture and some filters and effects quickly changed into a afternoon of hot, sensual sex. I could not resist... I could not just stay behind the camera... seeing her dancing around that pole while I was trying to focus on all sorts of technical stuff - yeah I know, I never stood a chance *grins*

Well, here it is - while I'm still working on just the preparation for Dick Tasty part 2 you can satisfy your senses with this portfolioshoot... beautiful lady, great soundtrack - I had an excellent afternoon *winks*

I hope you will enjoy it as well... please let me know in the comments what you think:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The adventures of Dick Tasty

As some of you already know I have been working on some mysterious adult machinima project for quite some time now. Aurelia already mentioned once that thing would never see the light of day as I seemed to be obsessed with all kind of settings, props, scenery I couldnt afford and other (irrelevant?) details. Well, chapter 1 is finally done and published on Naughty Machinima. So Virtual Immaturity Entertainment proudly presents:

a McGillivary machinima production
starring Aurelia Lionheart & Thorgal MCGillivary

Dick Tasty
The Case Of The Cheating Husband
part 1: Nothing in Second Life is free

I hope you'll all enjoy my first ever machinima (btw.. it's NSFW)! Please let me know in the comments what you like and don't like about it. I already have a few things I want to improve on when producing the next part, so all remarks are welcome to help me make chapter 2 better!

(btw, you can still see my debut on naughty machinima: "Nature's Way", together with Vageena Lundquist)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't stand so close to me...

Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy
She wants him so badly
Knows what she wants to be
Inside her there's longing
This girls an open page
Book marking - she's so close now
This girl is half his age

Her friends are so jealous
You know how bad girls get
Sometimes it's not so easy
To be the teachers pet
Temptation, frustration
So bad it makes him cry
Wet bus stop, she's waiting
His car is warm and dry

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play
than in a year of conversation.” [Plato]

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's illegal in nine countries...

A while back I was surprised by a close SL friend of mine who teleported me to a party where she turned out to have gone all... green... I'm not sure what sort of species she was meant to be but after the cloud before me disappeared, a gorgeous lady with green skin rezzed right before my surprised eyes. We got talking about her green skin and she noted how it was interesting to see how differently people (and more specifically men) reacted to her when she was walking around as the kermit's sensual sister. I told her I do know what its like to walk around green because I actually have a Shrek avatar and what amazed me the most were the comments from several ladies I got in my IM about the giant green dick that comes the the adult version of that avatar (yeah.. it's not easy being green).

We talked about this for a while and eventually (like most of my conversations in SL) the conversation came to sex, more specifically in this case on how (un)important the avi's where when having SLex. Now there's a lot of talk about SLex. How it can be pathetic due to misaligned equipment, weird visuals or non-imaginative partners. How it can be great fun and a good laugh due to better "equipment", funny gadgets or just fun people you meet on here. And of course how it can actually be hot, arousing and steamy because of nice supporting visuals but more importantly a partner (or partners) with a perverted imagination that also know how to type out an immersive experience.

She then said that it really doesn't matter what the avi looked like as long as the mind behind it can turn you on. Whether you look like an elf, merfolk, minotaur or black panther... a good SLex partner can just turn you on no matter what avi. Of course I agreed with her but was triggered in a weird way by her mentioning the panther. Maybe I am not that imaginative SLex partner that is required but I really doubted how being a black panther could help having hot SLex so I dropped a line in her IM box: "wtf? a black panther? how the hell is that gonna help cybering?". Only seconds later some very hot emotes describing an encounter between a very sexy and sensual hot blond and a black panther appeared on screen. I was stunned and admittedly slightly aroused, but also inspired to create the picture below (click to enlarge).

Of course I couldnt resist turning it into a perfume advert. For those who have seen "The anchorman" this might be just be the scent we men have been searching for all this time... I mean... just look at that gorgeous lady...

Monday, September 27, 2010

This is what it feels like...

...when your Second Life Viewer crashes. Slowly every function fails... chat just stops working... you hear IM's come in but are unable to read... you're trying to walk, but there's no movement at all... and then.. finally... you hit the ground...

I've been using the official SL Viewer 2.0 for some time now and I must say that I like it a lot... sure is has some strange euh.. "features" but like I said I like it. A few days back I got quite daring and installed the new SL viewer 2.2 beta. The improvement in framerate has been amazing to me, but it also seem to crash a bit more... which inspired me to create above picture :-) Now let just hope if the final version will be more stable but will still have the improved framerate for me..

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thor and Auri make a porno

Bored... you know how you sometimes get bored even in this wonderful addiction we call Second Life? Well, last wednesday it seemed like it was going to be one of those nites again. The weekly Trivia party at The Noob just ended and we decided to check if there were any fun events going on somewhere in this weird online world. Aurelia was reading out loud several lines from each of the events in the search result (and no - this article is not fiction) and I was categorizing those as either boring, real boring or "shoot me now and get it over with".

Then one of the events got our full attention "Wanna be a porn star? Wanna try to be filmed? " she read out loud . A casting? For a Second Life porn movie? And I thought SL couldn't surprise me anymore... it sounded so ridiculous we knew we had to check that one. Lets go and see if we can be the next Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson (if you dont know them, or want to pretend not to know them just google those names).

Not really worried about our image or reputation (meaning we didn't use an alt like Paisley did when she visited the seedier side of Second Life) we followed the landmark and poofed to what seemed to be just another urban, sleezy, forced sex kinda sim (not that I ever go to those places ofcourse - I just read Paisley's article). After looking around for a short while we were greeted by the lovely Chloe - who turned out to be the hot production assistant and director's girlfriend. We briefly discussed if we really really really wanted to try this and then filled out the application form and agreed on being filmed with the possibility of those movies ending up on their blog. We joined their group, got our titles (yay! I always wanted to be a pornstar) and went to check out the set.

Wow.. these people sure were serious about their machinima. A casting was already being filmed when we arrived and while we were witness to a very educational doctor/patient scene (I now fully understand the importance of adequate health care insurance for everybody) I wondered if the lag caused by avatars teleporting into the casting and the movie playing in the movie theatre below wouldn't interfere with the filming. This must one hell of a professional production company if they have the gear to work in these circumstances.

The docter scene was finally finished and the director came to us patiently waiting and aspiring new actors. I decided this was gonna be my chance if there ever was one and started to convince him and his girlfriend of the artistic value, the intellectual possibilities and the cinematic challenges of having me in a scene with Aurelia and Chloe. Ofcourse my knowledgeable elucidation easily impressed him and the ladies. To not distract the future viewers of this masterpiece (which most probably will be looked back on as a historic turning point in SL porn) we decided on the simple bedroom set.

We were assured our avatar names wouldn't appear in the end result - which was kinda disappointing because that meant I couldnt be headlining with my very cool porn name either. And yes, we were welcome to emote! (altho I couldnt imagine what purpose that would serve). Then Aurelia dropped her clothes faster then I could say "cum", except for her shoes (she seems to have some perverted issues with that). Still feeling a bit awkward myself I took of the two pairs of jeans and one pair of leather pants that I was somehow wearing (new viewer for the win!) and after Aurelia IM'd me to let me know "your pixel dick needs to be higher!" / "he can correct that in the cutting room right?" things really heated up. The impressive ease with which I handled these two gorgeous ladies no doubt encouraged the moaning production assistant to bring in another sexy woman. I figured this was not bad for a first appearance and made a mental note to later remind the director that I wanted my and Aurelia's name on the filmposter at least as big as the movietitle.

After changing positions a few times, some sudden afk's and brb's from the director (where did that moaning sound come from?), some ad-hoc redesigning the set ("can't get bed-menu with that spotlight shining there"), some very hot classic scenes (e.g. "my cock is punching through your neck" and "what is your head doing way up in my ass") and more then a few moneyshots (omg.. I am a monster) the director decided he had enough footage to wank.. euh.. work on and wrapped up.

I honestly dont think I have ever laughed so much before in Second Life - if you have a chance to participate in a casting like this you really really should. Create an alt if you have to - I can honestly hard-felt.. euh.. heart-felt recommend doing this at least once - it really was a lot of fun. The director and his hot girlfriend from the production company were great people and we truly had a laugh. Oh right... almost forgot the best part - we were each(!) paid 200L$ for our effort... I wonder when we will receive our contracts for the next movie *winks*

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something in your mouth...

Got to meet the hottie with the million dollar body
They say its over budget but you'd pay her just to touch it come on
Needs to hit the big screen and shoot a little love scene
If hollywood had called her she'd be gone before ya hollered
come on!

Dirty little lady with the pretty pink thong
Every sugar daddy hittin on her all night long
Doesn't care about the money she could be with anybody
Ain't it funny how the honey wanted you all along
 (you naughty thing)
Your ripping up the dance floor honey
(you naughty women)
You shake your ass around for everyone
(your such a mover)
I love the way you dance with anybody
(the way you swing)
And tease them all by sucking on your thumb

Your so much cooler when you never pull it out
Cause you look so much cuter with something in your mouth

Complete song and lyrics on of what is probably
the most played song on Second Life here on YouTube.
Photoshoot was done in Second Life with only a minimal
post-processing in Paint Shop Pro (some blur and adding border).
Large versions of these and my other Second Life photo's
can be found here on Flickr.
(The female model preferred to remain anonymous)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mad world...

Just fooling around with some settings and still trying out stuff - like how to include a YouTube video... It's not just a random video though, below you will find (if it all works that is) an excellent performance by Skye Galaxy (more info) doing his version of "Mad World". Sometimes I truly doubt which world is the mad world...

Skye Galaxy is one of the best Second Life artists I have ever heard, sitting here on this lazy sunday morning with a cup of black strong #coffee it just seemed like the right soundtrack

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Virtual Immaturity...

Welcome to my little corner of this cruel world... why a blog? To be honest - I dont have a clue... I just know it began to itch once I wrote my entry for TwoThreeSixFive... So what will this be about? Well there's gonna be my ramblings, favorite tunes of mine, stories about anything that I happen to walk into and then probably some stuff which will seem very weird... ofcourse it wont be as shocking as Profoky, not as original as BotGirl, not as arousing as Tsai's or as informative as the New World Notes but we'll see where it takes me...

Again.. welcome everybody - stick around, it's likely there will be more to come very soon...