Sunday, February 24, 2013

The 2013 Sexiest Movie Awards

Tonight is the night. The 2013 Sexiest Movie Awards will take place. Kinda like the Oscars for SL's naughtiest and seediest. It's my great honor to have been nominated five times and I'm possibly even happier for Moya that she has been nominated as well for "Sexiest Actress" for her appearance in one of my movies.

This event truly is getting more professional and impressive each year (great work from Emmanuelle and Serenity) - which makes me glad and proud to be part of this amazing, tho not always drama-free, community... ah well it would be pretty boring otherwise wouldnt it? Anyways... I'm off to go and get my script-count below 25... it would be a shame if I would be kicked out for being to laggy instead for being obnoxious ;)

I'm gonna leave you with the 5 nominees for best film and best director (yeah - same difference in SL machinima if you ask me but Pixie already pointed that out better then I ever could); and I have to be honest here - I do not consider my chances for winning very high - I did last year *grins* got disappointed, but this year I think every one of the other nominees put out an amazing movie and I can only hope to be able to continue improving my skills this year to get more close to their achievements next year...

1. Bert Jedburgh - Bus Stop.
2. Hard Rust - Seams and Dreams Burlesque.  
3. Nikki Arlington - Sketched.
4. Thorgal McGillivary - So You Wanna Be A Pornstar? - Initiation.  
5. Tutsy Navarathna -  Metasex.

I think I have expressed my admiration for Nikki and Tutsy before on this blog - Bert and Hard surprised me this year with their great work and as soon as I saw their video's published I knew I would be glad to be even be nominated alongside these...

Now let's get dressed up and get in the winning mood - cause I still wanna win this best film or best director statue ofcourse to put next to my "2010 - best editor" and "2011 - best scene" statues. And if Moya ends up being the only one winning for a movie of mine I will just take her home with me to party afterwards *grins*

Btw.. shouldnt these be called the 2012 Sexiest Awards?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

oh.. before I forget

Congrats to Eva on her 100th blogpost... thank you as well Eva and those are some awesome pics you did past two years sexy... hope you will be as inspired for your next 100 posts and them resulting in the same cool pics!

Another blog; did you all see Nik's latest ultra secret leaked preview of (hopefully) things to come? It's probably not secret and all since she posted it herself... and despite me appearantly liking anyting she (not often enough) shows us... this is simply awesome and has me looking forward to new releases from her :)

I entered some stuff for the sexiest Awards... nothing to serious (like SL ;) but it seems they are making a yet even bigger, better and more sexy event out of it then before.. so go check out out!

ok.. signing off again - cu all soon!

Ideas, stuff and other irrelevant musings...

It has started again... I couldn't help it and I certainly didn't want it... yet... but it has started again. An idea has found it way to my twisted mind and refuses to leave until I have given it some proper attention which usually results in hours of frustration trying to get shoots right, editing footage and crusing my pc in another effort of mine to create a sl movie. This next one is probably not going to be the straight up, simple Second Life porn I did sofar - but don't worry, I cant't imagine it ending up without any nudity either... however - if it works out only slightly the same way it takes shape in my head now, some of you will probably hate it... a lot :)

At about the same time (as always...) I was asked to do a nice project for some people I care and admire here in SL... have to be honest, at first I didn't like the idea they presented at all - but it grew on me. Much like the first idea I spoke off...

So yes... two projects slowly rezzing in my mind at the moment... for the first I will be sending out a casting call at some point in near future... first there's the mindmelt, browsing my inventory and surfing marketplace for props and sets, checking potential songs for soundtrack and deciding what I want in these movies and most important - to decide when to stop thinking about what I want in these... these def wont be as long  and wont take as long as "Initiation"... I hope... 

This is why it always takes a lot of time for me to make something new. This why I never know what the end result will be... ideas grow, mutate themselves, feed of hidden and lost ideas from the past - as parasites snooping from my rl concentration and focus until I give them the proper attention they demand...

So stay tuned... or not.. whatever - I can't tell you what to do ;)

p.s.: btw above picture has nothing to do with the ideas I toy around with (I think) - it's just Henry hiding in booze after the premiere of "Initiation" (which btw was featured on Naughty Machinima - how cool is that!) and him being kind of disappointed because of not becoming this celebrated and admired pornstar he hoped to be one day...

p.s.2: I'm sorry if anybody now runs out of '.'s because of me. I know I use to many, but eveybody is entitled to their own disfunction right?

Friday, January 11, 2013

So You Wanna Be a Pornstar!?

Yeah I know... it's been a while *smiles innocently* But at least I have some new stuff out since my last post... and yes - even that I forgot to mention here..

Ah well... I'm sure you've all seen it by now but just for the records an overview of the entire " So You Wanna Be..." series so far, starting with the episode finale published on SL-porntube (dec. 30th) and Naughty Machinima:

When Moya decides to try out for pornstar she gets more then she bargained for... a mysterious society decides she could be the one and puts her through a series of tests... 


Before "Intiation" was done there were 3 episodes published with some gorgeous ladies auditioning for Pornstar and some teaser scenes leading to the finale - so I will link these below and want to stress that the sexy avatars alone make these worth watching so do check them out:

SYWB a Pornstar 1 - Lynn Masters
SYWB a pornstar 2 - Leesha Nootan
SYWB a Pornstar 3 - Quasar and Samantha

(there was also a trailer, but I wouldnt bother with that if I were you ;)

Again I want to thank all who worked with me on these... it took a long time and I hope you all like the end-result. Ideas for season 2 are partying and fighting over each other in my head right now - but I'm sure I'll send out notices once one comes out on top and I am ready to shoot the first episode of season 2.