Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's illegal in nine countries...

A while back I was surprised by a close SL friend of mine who teleported me to a party where she turned out to have gone all... green... I'm not sure what sort of species she was meant to be but after the cloud before me disappeared, a gorgeous lady with green skin rezzed right before my surprised eyes. We got talking about her green skin and she noted how it was interesting to see how differently people (and more specifically men) reacted to her when she was walking around as the kermit's sensual sister. I told her I do know what its like to walk around green because I actually have a Shrek avatar and what amazed me the most were the comments from several ladies I got in my IM about the giant green dick that comes the the adult version of that avatar (yeah.. it's not easy being green).

We talked about this for a while and eventually (like most of my conversations in SL) the conversation came to sex, more specifically in this case on how (un)important the avi's where when having SLex. Now there's a lot of talk about SLex. How it can be pathetic due to misaligned equipment, weird visuals or non-imaginative partners. How it can be great fun and a good laugh due to better "equipment", funny gadgets or just fun people you meet on here. And of course how it can actually be hot, arousing and steamy because of nice supporting visuals but more importantly a partner (or partners) with a perverted imagination that also know how to type out an immersive experience.

She then said that it really doesn't matter what the avi looked like as long as the mind behind it can turn you on. Whether you look like an elf, merfolk, minotaur or black panther... a good SLex partner can just turn you on no matter what avi. Of course I agreed with her but was triggered in a weird way by her mentioning the panther. Maybe I am not that imaginative SLex partner that is required but I really doubted how being a black panther could help having hot SLex so I dropped a line in her IM box: "wtf? a black panther? how the hell is that gonna help cybering?". Only seconds later some very hot emotes describing an encounter between a very sexy and sensual hot blond and a black panther appeared on screen. I was stunned and admittedly slightly aroused, but also inspired to create the picture below (click to enlarge).

Of course I couldnt resist turning it into a perfume advert. For those who have seen "The anchorman" this might be just be the scent we men have been searching for all this time... I mean... just look at that gorgeous lady...

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