Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feeling very very humble...

Ok.. I'm not gonna say a lot about this - but just now I watched a machinima called "Metasex" on Emmanuelle's blog. Now this is truly amazing work - I am very impressed... so impressed actually that I'm reluctant to make another SL movie because everything is gonna look silly compared to this.. anyways, enjoy - make to sure to at least watch is 3 or 4 times - trust me on this one...


  1. Thank you, Thorgal.
    As you may know, Tutsy was one of the judges on this year's 'THE SEXIEST' awards. Both he & I really enjoyed 'Dick Tasty' and we discussed it a number of times.
    He would be saddened to think that anyone would be reluctant to make another film because of his work. Please don't feel so.
    Best regards and, again, thank you.

  2. @pixie: Don't worry - I couldnt stop myself even if I wanted to... but this one really made me go think about the stuff I am doing and the room for improvement there still is... There will be a 3rd Dick Tasty - it's been almost put together in my head now, 2 more portfolio shoots and I will get to realising it I'm sure..

    funny thing with sl machinima though - the better technical quality we seem to realise, the more the creative flaws and shortcomings become visible.. DT3 just needs to be good :) for my own sl peace of mind *grins*

    and well.. if not.. it's all just fun and pixels...

    Thank you for for comment Pixie! and please IM me some of his secrets! (altho the film itself already ignited some ideas in my oversexed brain already ;)

    1. I was thoroughly immersed in the film. What absolute honesty you portrayed about the world we come into which is SL. My french is only limited but I was absolutely and truly captivated on a whole new level. Well done!!!, want to see more :) For you Thorgal, your videos are talented, witty, and exceptional. Please never think you are not as good. If only I had the talent that you all share, instead my talents remains with my love of writing and my looks whilst they last. I am but one of many talents that can be found on SL. From one creative mind to another. Hugs from Mischa Moyet xo