Thursday, September 22, 2011

NEW MOVIE: Heavenly

You know that feeling? Right before orgasm... those last few moments before you explode - and then those precious seconds of cumming - floating, out of mind, senses going wild... it's a lot like finishing that machinima you've been working on for weeks... if not months...

Ahh screw it... it's not nearly as good as an orgasm but it's still an freakin amazing feeling. Rendering ready - did I get all the shots right? Is the sound ok? Is it smooth, not a slideshow? and then, when you have checked it all... uploading - and again checking everything - even tho it's already out there.. everyone can see... no typos in the credits? ah well... to late anyways. Enough bullshit - here it is, finally - my 4th Second Life adult short machinima - VIE presents: 

What started out as just another portfolioshoot with dirty debutant Moya Moyet quickly turned into a very hot short adult movie starring the sexy Dani and newcummer Lexie Starfall who were joined by Quasar Howley to complete the cast for this movie about faith, religion and a priest who gets to experience the only true miracle of life ;-)

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