Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Duet - by Skylar Smythe

So every Sunday during the second hour of my radioshow on FGRadio there's an erotic poem or erotic short story... the first two shows it has been written by Skylar Smythe (twitter @Skylar_Smythe), a very talented cute Canadian lady who seems to blush easily... so that explains the connection *grins* For the second show she wrote an erotic story called "The Duet" written to be read by a woman and a man... first time on air last Sunday, now on my blog:

The Duet
written by Skylar Smythe
(read by Skylar and Thorgal)

(I'm not very pleased with the reading of the first story I did... so I think I'm going to re-record that before putting it up here)

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