Sunday, January 20, 2013

oh.. before I forget

Congrats to Eva on her 100th blogpost... thank you as well Eva and those are some awesome pics you did past two years sexy... hope you will be as inspired for your next 100 posts and them resulting in the same cool pics!

Another blog; did you all see Nik's latest ultra secret leaked preview of (hopefully) things to come? It's probably not secret and all since she posted it herself... and despite me appearantly liking anyting she (not often enough) shows us... this is simply awesome and has me looking forward to new releases from her :)

I entered some stuff for the sexiest Awards... nothing to serious (like SL ;) but it seems they are making a yet even bigger, better and more sexy event out of it then before.. so go check out out!

ok.. signing off again - cu all soon!

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