Friday, January 11, 2013

So You Wanna Be a Pornstar!?

Yeah I know... it's been a while *smiles innocently* But at least I have some new stuff out since my last post... and yes - even that I forgot to mention here..

Ah well... I'm sure you've all seen it by now but just for the records an overview of the entire " So You Wanna Be..." series so far, starting with the episode finale published on SL-porntube (dec. 30th) and Naughty Machinima:

When Moya decides to try out for pornstar she gets more then she bargained for... a mysterious society decides she could be the one and puts her through a series of tests... 


Before "Intiation" was done there were 3 episodes published with some gorgeous ladies auditioning for Pornstar and some teaser scenes leading to the finale - so I will link these below and want to stress that the sexy avatars alone make these worth watching so do check them out:

SYWB a Pornstar 1 - Lynn Masters
SYWB a pornstar 2 - Leesha Nootan
SYWB a Pornstar 3 - Quasar and Samantha

(there was also a trailer, but I wouldnt bother with that if I were you ;)

Again I want to thank all who worked with me on these... it took a long time and I hope you all like the end-result. Ideas for season 2 are partying and fighting over each other in my head right now - but I'm sure I'll send out notices once one comes out on top and I am ready to shoot the first episode of season 2.

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