Friday, February 28, 2014

And the Award goes to....

I'm sure that the few people that visit my blog have heard of the Sexiest Awards. It is a great yearly event, described as the Oscars of the SL porn community and so far, every year it has amazed me... well organised, just the right balance between fun and seriousness and of course the much needed and unavoidable drama that always has to happen when a competition and awards are involved. Previous years I managed to stay far away from that - as most know I try to make a witty or trolling remark in group chat every now and then, I favorite the stuff I really like on Flickr and SLPorn sites regardless of who created it and in general I try not to get involved in drama... I love stirring it up a little tho ;)

Anyways... this year as I read the nominations for the Awards I couldn't help myself. I left a comment to the announcement blogpost stating
"some very weird (and in my opinion simply wrong) nominations on there... but congrats to all nominees and good luck to all!"
... maybe I shouldn't have - but I do admit there's was some disappointment when I read it. Using this blog I want to elaborate on it for just a bit.

First off all - everything that follows in this blog is simply my opinion and only that, nobody has to agree, my opinion doesn't make things wrong the way they are - I simply don't agree, which isn't such a big deal at all - it happens every now and then - I could even be wrong.. not likely but I could :)

Second - I'm sure everybody involved puts a lot of effort in whatever they create... the blog, awards organizers, judges and of course all people involved in photo's and videos. So many creative people, so much talented people... simply amazing and I tip my hat to each and everyone of you...

Having said that I was amazed and confused by a few things when these announcements appeared, and immature as you know me to be - I feel the need to state some of these.

A Blank Canvas nominated for several categories made me wonder if they forgot to tell the jury what category they were judging. To clarify, it's a trailer for a bigger project, hopefully finished soon cause I look forward to anything from Nik but having said that I find it strange it has been submitted, accepted and nominated for Best Story and Best Film - there is no story and it is no film... it's a trailer... a gorgeous one - it has to be said... that's why I'm totally ok with it's nomination for best director - it's shows amazing (director) skills!

Am I biased? Of course I am... I submitted "SYWB S02E02: Casting Ashlynn" for both these categories... there certainly is a story in my movie (but it's not the missing 5th nominee for that category) and I do think it's a way better best film then some of the other ones nominated - but that's just the pain of having your creations being judged... it hurts and people may not all agree with me being the next Steven Spielberg :) Let's just say it would be a good idea to introduce a Sexiest Music video next year as a separate category because both Ayara's and London's production left me with my mouth open and jealous of the quality displayed at what I consider two amazingly sexy porn music video's.

For all the drama? I've read the collection of blogs Emily is doing at the moment, and Ayara's respons to that. I agree with Emily on some points and with Ayara on others. I don't think Succubus The Motion Picture is the best thing ever happened to Second Life porn tho I truly admire the effort and the very cool idea that lead to a great and certainly landmark SL porn production. Now even if you do consider this to be the closest to actual acting SL is ever gonna get (which I dont... actual original voice acting is gonna be next closest thing in my opinion) - second life avi's simply dont have enough expression to make a 105 minute movie with minutes of dialog and SL "acting" interesting - not even if I had made it;) So again yes... I admire the work and loved the end result and I think it should be nominated... I don't think it's a winner. Sorry Em - but again, it's only my opinion - so who cares anyways.

Thorgal and Eva practicing their speeches... ;)
Am I going to attend the awards? hell yes! (if only because I want to hear Fang and imagine she's only talking to me as I do every year...) Do I expect to win anything? not really... but that really doesn't matter either... it's our fucking g*ddamn Oscars... it's supposed to be surrounded with intriges, scandal and conspiracy accusations *grins* I wouldn't be surprised if Emily had a deal with Emmanuelle to cause some drama.. (ok, ok.. I know.. enough beer for me..) - but you know what I mean right?

It's all fun and pixels... let's have a another great event, let's all try to create great, fun, weird and amazing sl porn productions and most of all... let's all pretend we love each other and think the others deserve the award more then we do... that also is a long standing Hollywood Oscar tradition ;)

ps1. Did anyone remember to invite the new Linden Lab CEO to this event?
ps2: and all well.. at least I get to use my "no-award winning series" tagline again for the trailer of SYWB season 3 ;)


  1. You know what's funny Thor? Serenity and I have our own opinions on what got nominated too. Every year, I've had an opinion that was VERY different than the judges. But we do it in a way that we have no influence over the judging. So we are as surprised and sometimes disappointed as everyone else. Right or wrong, it's judged fairly.

    1. You need to point them in the right direction Nikki's preview, should not be in for best movie, That is where you need to use your better judgement and say "this is wrong". You need better boundaries.

  2. Also, I can let you know there was no deal with Emily :)

    And get me the name of the CEO Linden and we'll invite him!!

    1. Emma... please try to stop watching my movies for just a few minutes every now and then and try to read some news: