Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hollywoods Sexiest - the rise and fall of Thorgal McGillivary

oh dear I suck at this blog thing... I published a new movie and forgot to blog about it. Well after the Sexiest Awards I created a short movie around that very same theme... I asked Emily to help out and she did - very cool! Also (of course) my two girls Eva en Ashlynn in this one... hell yes! - lucky me...

(I still havent figured out how to do resized embed's from SLPornTube.. so sorry!)

Oh... I actually won Sexiest Actor and Director... thankful but I still think judges are so weird ;) Sexiest Actor is a fun award to win but not really an accomplishment.. and best director I would have voted for someone else myself... but still thankful and proud - I love making this stuff and this is an anormous motivator to keep on doing just that...

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