Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's socialize...

Yay! Bragging rights... Rod Humble replied to my twitter and reads my blog... and despite all the other content on here he even (on twitter @rodvik) admitted he did (I hope it wont get him in trouble)
"@mcgillivary @oobscure @darianknight Good post. I would say just social is not for us. It has to be social+creativity or shared creativity."
I do understand that real shared creativity crossing several virtual world's has lots of complicated aspects... technical challenges, copyright issues and intellectual ownership stuff, games of power between disgruntled people and of course (not the least important) some commercial aspects. Linden Labs is a company in business for making money after all, let us not forget that.

But just think -  we have a concrete, realistic chance here to start connecting over the different grids without needing to touch (almost) any of these touchy subjects. Please find, work with and integrate an independent social network into the second life universe and share the way you did that with 3rd pary viewers and other VW's.

It would allow Second Life users to reach out and *grins* brag about their (shared) creative accomplishments to people outside of SL, whether that be people using other virtual worlds (who could then do the same with their cool stuff) or to people who still have to discover the wonders of shared creativity.

And without opening up that pesky cesspool of icky subjects we don’t really want to think about during the creative process I think this is it...

This is one of those opportunities to open up, reach out and leap forward!

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