Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The VIS on FGRadio...

I had so much fun doing my Virtual Immaturity Show on FGRadio last sunday 12-2pm Sl time) - thanks to all that listened and/or dropped by my place during the show. Also a special thank you for Skylar and Suzan for being the first contributing (amazing ladies - follow them on Twitter: @Skylar_Smythe and @Suzaniac). Still lots of room for improvement though so, below Suzan's amazing photo, just some notes to myself

Thorgal and his Virtrual Immaturity Show

  1. I enjoyed the weekly items; the Second Life artist showcase and the erotic poem or short story. So I'm keeping them as a regular weekly item. If you're artist or have poetry for me to read (or want to read yourself) - contact me!
  2. I want to add a few more weekly items. A Second Life news of the past week roundup seems like a nice idea and maybe a weekly sim vor community visit report.
  3. To make it into actual show instead of another Second Life dj-set it's going to need a hell of alot more preproduction - I do need to think about this one.
  4. I need a major clean-up, overhaul(?) of my design - layouts, name-jingles, station- and program calls.
  5. A weekly summery posted on my blog during and/or after the show with links, showcase info, stuff like that... and follow up on twitter...

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