Friday, June 15, 2012

Me in a movie not having sex?!

That title is misleading right? That can't be true? *grins* Well... I'm afraid I have to admit it is true and (which is probably even stranger) I am so glad I was asked to be a part of this one... Now don't worry - there is sex in this one but at the end of the movie that will not be what you remember about this latest movie from the very talented Wifey Korobase... the soundtrack is amazing, I love the slow build-up in this movie and the scenery, graphics and attention to detail in this production is just outstanding... I love it - and not just because I'm part of it... (though ofcourse we all agree it's the hero that makes this movie *cough* *cough*)

click here to go see the movie

Anways... me in a fantasy movie - thank you so much Wifey and Quinn for asking me for this one! I love being in other director's movies.. especially when they create such amazing stuff as this one! (ok.. now back to finding some sex in SL... geez...)

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