Friday, June 15, 2012


Life is weird... Second Life is even weirder. The same day I completed filming my first scenes for this new movie a movie called "The Painter" was published by AleXo. A very well done movie - which had a painter and his model experiencing some hot times together. The main idea of my movie was nothing like this one... still it features a painter and his model having some hot times together so I was a just a little bummed.

Yesterday, a day before I publish this movie, a movie called "Bus Stop" was released... yet another one of the props I used in my movie was featuring in a great movie... life is weird... luckily in my movie the bus stop is only used as a funny little extra in the background, the bench is somewhat similar and when I started to film I did consider shooting part of the naughty stuff in and around the Bus Stop itself. The forces of porn work in mysterious ways...

Anyways... there's always room for more naughtiness, even when scenery, props or settings arent as original as once thought, intended or hoped - so without further ado I give you "Teken Me" a short movie I did with the sexy Aurelia Lionheart inspired by Nikki's amazing machinima called "Sketched" and the videoclip for Aha's hitsingle "Take on me" (I know... just don't ask!)

Teken Me

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