Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NEW MOVIE: Your addiction...

Well at least we can safely say that I am not addicted to blogging *grins* I made and published a new movie with no less then Quinn Ying appearing in it and I didnt even blog about it... shame on me! Guess I was to busy perving Q's curves over and over again *blush*

Well let's change that

Your world... and it will be your addiction... anything is possible, gorgeous willing women everywhere, no restrictions, no tabboos, no limits - just timezones, jealous psychos and shortage of prims - you can't help it, it's not your fault - this is sl, welcome to your addiction... 

Your World. Your addiction.

And just to let you all know... currently working on two projects - one already shot and coming soon - the other I plan on simply being amazing but will take some more time... be patient please - check back often :)

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